marques-ogden-498x580As a child, growing up in a single parent household with a father that lauded perseverance & fairness as exemplary personality traits, Marques Ogden learned at an early age the importance of clearly defined values & setting goals.

Ogden attended the illustrious Howard University from 1998-2002, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Finance, with a concentration in construction & cost accounting. Ogden also played Division I football while in attendance at Howard.

Post graduation, Ogden utilized his athletic prowess to pursue his dream of playing football & subsequently follow his brother, Jonathan’s footsteps, into the NFL. Drafted in 2003, Ogden went on to play a total of 5 years with the Titans, Bills, Ravens & Jaguars, as an offensive lineman.

His love of football was so great, that even during the off season, Ogden helped train & prepare players in Europe for the mental & physical challenges of professional football.

By age 27, Ogden began his first entrepreneurial endeavor, creating Baltimore based construction company, Kayden Premier Enterprises. Ogden was able to employ his academic knowledge of both finance & construction to effect the exponential growth of the company within the first few years. Despite his immediate success, both Ogden & the company would soon go bankrupt. One failed Baltimore city project, lead to a $2 million loss, in just under 90 days.

While the company would never recover, Ogden did. With the help of the NFL, Ogden was able to restructure his life & begin a new path as a best selling author, motivational speaker & marketing leader.

While Ogden has known the devastating pain of failure, he has also been able to draw upon the consequential lessons learned to recover & find success again. His best selling autobiography, Sleepless Nights: The NFL: A Family and Business, details his NFL career, personal struggles & journey back from tragedy to triumph.

Calling him the “Come Back Kid”, would be apropos, but Ogden now utilizes his many life lessons, not only for his own benefit – but also to help inspire others to reach their full potential for success. Whatever the odds, Ogden believes that perseverance, hard-work & determination are key components for successfully overcoming any kind of adversity.